Main people

  • Jonah Sinick graduated from Swarthmore College in 2007, and finished a PhD in pure math at University of Illinois in 2011. He taught precalculus and multivariable calculus at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and is currently teaching for Art of Problem Solving. He worked as a research analyst at GiveWell, an organization that works on finding outstanding philanthropic opportunities in global health and other causes. He’s done research for Machine Intelligence Research Institute, an organization that promotes safe artificial intelligence.
  • Vipul Naik finished a PhD in pure math at University of Chicago in 2013. He represented India at the International Mathematical Olympiad in 2003 and 2004, and won Silver Medals both times. He has experience preparing students for mathematical olympiads. He started a website called Groupprops designed as a reference for people learning and working in group theory. He has also worked on other projects, such as online math videos and a website dedicated to discussing open borders.

Advisors and idea contributors

Alex K. Chen (Quora profile), famous for being the person who has asked the maximum number of questions on Quora, is advising us on scientific research, academia, and intellectual growth opportunities for young people interested in the sciences.